Work Study Program

ASA Houston is working with local colleges to establish a work study program for our members with students in the automotive programs. As this program develops we will share the information with you here and at our meetings. The future of our industry is dependant on recruiting and retaining good technicians. There are several local junior colleges that offer very good automotive programs and our association will leverage that into an asset for our members.

If you have qestions or want to be an active part of this effort please email the office

Committee Meeting with San Jacinto College

Meeting with San Jacinto Junior College

September 10, 2015


Present; John Miller, Ford Rusk, Konrad DeLong, Chuck Stasny, Mark Deschner, Dave Mobley and one more instructor that I did not get his name


San Jac (SJ) already has internships working w/ dealers.  The student will spend 8 wks at SJ and 8 weeks at the dealer during the program.  They have both night and day classes/internships for the students. 

Dave Mobley said he had a place for job postings that I assume we can use.


They have a non-dealer program called FAST (Future Automotive Service Tech) which has 230 to 250 students currently.  Technically, new car dealers such as VW, Audi, BMW, and some more, are getting techs from FAST but not considered a dealer program.


SJ recruits at local PYES approve high schools for their students.  In exchange they offer training to high school instructors. 


60% of the students need remedial help but it usually can be accomplish with in the 2 yr program.  If the student needs remedial classes they must take at least 1 remedial class per semester.


A majority of students need some sort of financial aid.  The cost for 2yr Certificate of training is $4 to $5k. A degree version is about twice the cost.  An "in district" certificate from HCC is $3k.


There is usually a contract on internships but SJ is not involved.  It is between the student and the work place. ASA would have to draft their own agreement.


SJ has a tool show twice a year for the students and we were invited to that if we want.


Class just started 9/10/15


Mark suggested we attend the advisory meetings.  He said we could shape things and currently, the biggest non dealer body is Firestone.  He mentioned that Firestone was going through some re-organization and not participating as they were.  I thought that was an opportunity for us until Mark mentioned they were financially helping many students.  Not sure we can convince our members to jump at that.


SJ is teaching lube services early in the FAST program so they can be productive quickly to the employer


We asked Mark to make a 15 minute presentation at the next ASA meeting and possibly hosting a meeting next yr. 


The class mix is 80% during the day and 20% night students but night students might be more responsible and better candidate because most need to work during the day.  They do go to school 5 days a week but it is possible that a student may spend more time the first 4 days of the week to allow a Friday off day to be on the job..


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